Icom 7000 Review : The Ultimate Guide for Ham Radio Operators

The icom 7000 is a high-end ham radio that offers a wide range of features such as hf/vhf/uhf capabilities, dsp filtering, and a built-in antenna tuner. The icom 7000 is a popular choice among amateur radio enthusiasts due to its powerful features and performance.

With the ability to transmit on hf, vhf, and uhf frequencies, the radio can be used in a variety of settings including emergency operations, contesting, and dx hunting. Additionally, the radio’s dsp filtering ensures enhanced audio quality, while its built-in antenna tuner makes it easy to dial in the right frequency.

Although the radio may be challenging to use for beginners, its advanced features make it a worthwhile investment for experienced ham radio operators.

Introduction To The Icom 7000

Overview Of The Icom 7000 And Its Features

The icom 7000 is a high-end ham radio designed for the serious operator who demands top performance. This radio is compact, rugged, and delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of frequencies. The icom 7000 has been a favorite among ham radio enthusiasts for many years because of its outstanding features, and here are some of them:

  • Multi-band functionality: The icom 7000 can provide coverage on all hf, vhf, and uhf bands.
  • Power output: This radio is capable of producing a remarkable 100 watts of power, which ensures that it can handle even the weakest signals.
  • Display: The large, easy-to-read color display is a standout feature of the icom 7000, providing clear and vivid visuals.
  • Compact size: Although powerful, the icom 7000 is quite compact, making it an ideal choice for portable operations.

Historical Background Of Icom

Icom is a japanese company in the business of manufacturing communication equipment of exceptional quality. They have been around for over 50 years and have established themselves as leaders in the industry. The company’s products are well-regarded throughout the world for their exceptional performance and quality.

Key Benefits Of The Icom 7000 For Ham Radio Operators

For anyone involved in ham radio operations, the icom 7000 is a must-have. This radio is designed to deliver high-quality performance with features that sets it apart from other radios. Here are some benefits of owning the icom 7000:

  • Exceptional performance across a wide range of frequencies: This radio offers unsurpassed performance across hf, vhf, and uhf bands, allowing operators to enjoy clear, stable communication.
  • Compact and portable size: The icom 7000 is compact and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. You can easily fit it into a backpack or any small space.
  • Enhanced display: The icom 7000 has a large, colored display that is easy to read and provides clear visuals even in low-light conditions.
  • High power output: With a power output of up to 100 watts, this radio ensures that even the weakest signals can be picked up. This makes it a reliable option for emergency communication.

If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, and versatile ham radio, the icom 7000 is an excellent choice. The radio has all the features you need to enjoy stable communication across a variety of frequencies.

Unpacking And Setting Up The Icom 7000

If you’re an amateur radio operator, the icom 7000 is a highly recommended transceiver to add to your collection. This radio provides you with an excellent platform for amateur radio communication on all hf and vhf / uhf bands. Here, we will take a close look at how to unpack and set up the icom 7000.

How To Unpack The Icom 7000

When you receive your icom 7000, make sure you take extra care when handling it to prevent any damage. Here’s how to unpack it safely:

  • Open the box, and carefully remove the icom 7000 from the packaging.
  • Inspect the contents of the box to ensure that you have received everything, including the manual and power supply.
  • Remove all the protective stickers, and ensure that all components are free of dust and debris.
  • Double-check everything before plugging in the power supply.

Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up The Icom 7000

Once you have unpacked the icom 7000, the next step is to set it up properly. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Turn off the icom 7000 before connecting it to an antenna or power source.
  • Connect the power supply to the transceiver and connect the antenna to the back of the transceiver.
  • Set the mode and frequency of the transceiver.
  • Adjust the volume and squelch controls.
  • Set the microphone control, including the gain control and the compression control.
  • Set the tone of the audio output.
  • Program the memory channels with all the frequencies and modes you need.
  • Test the transceiver on each band to verify that everything is working well.

Best Practices For Properly Setting Up The Icom 7000

To ensure that you get the best performance from your icom 7000, follow these best practices:

  • Always turn off the transceiver before connecting or disconnecting anything.
  • Use quality coaxial cables and connectors to avoid signal loss or interference.
  • Use antennas that are suitable for the frequencies and bands you want to use.
  • Keep the transceiver away from sources of interference, such as computers and other electronic devices.
  • Adjust the microphone control and tone to your personal preference.
  • Regularly update the firmware of the icom 7000 for enhanced performance and reliability.

By following these guidelines, you will have an icom 7000 that is set up and working properly, providing you with clear and reliable communication.

Understanding The Icom 7000’S Features And Capabilities

Brief Overview Of The Icom 7000’S Capabilities

The icom 7000 is a versatile amateur radio transceiver designed to operate on the hf, vhf, and uhf frequency bands. Here are some of the radio’s main features:

  • Wide frequency coverage from 30 khz to 199.999 mhz and 400-470 mhz with 100 watts of rf output power.
  • Supports ssb, cw, am, fm, digital, and voice memory modes.
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner simplifies mobile and portable operation.
  • Detachable control head and optional separation cable allows for flexible installation.

In-Depth Review Of The Key Features Of The Icom 7000

Let’s take a closer look at the most significant features of the icom 7000:

Frequency Coverage

The icom 7000’s frequency coverage is impressive, with a wide range of frequencies available in the hf, vhf, and uhf bands. The radio can operate from 30 khz to 199. 999 mhz and 400-470 mhz and provides up to 100 watts of rf output power.

Operation Modes

The device supports ssb, cw, am, fm, digital, and voice memory modes. This lets users communicate with a wide range of stations, regardless of their mode of operation.

Automatic Antenna Tuner

The icom 7000 features a built-in automatic antenna tuner, which simplifies mobile and portable operation. This tuner automatically tunes the antenna for optimum swr, which makes it easier for the operator to get the most out of the radio, wherever they are.

Detachable Control Head

The detachable control head of the icom 7000 offers flexibility when it comes to installation. The control head can be installed on a variety of surfaces, and an optional separation cable provides even more installation options.

How To Utilize The Features Of The Icom 7000 For Optimal Performance

To ensure that you are getting the best performance from your icom 7000, here are some tips on how to utilize its features:

  • Use the radio’s frequency coverage to your advantage, exploring the different bands to find active stations.
  • Experiment with different operation modes to find the ones that work best for you and your communication needs.
  • Take advantage of the automatic antenna tuner to optimize your signal and improve communication quality.
  • Utilize the detachable control head and optional separation cable to install the radio in a way that works best for you and your setup.

By taking full advantage of the icom 7000’s features, you can experience its excellent performance and enjoy reliable and efficient communication.

Operating The Icom 7000

Overview Of The Operator Panel And Its Functions

The icom 7000 radio is a popular choice for both amateur and professional users. It comes with a user-friendly operator panel that offers a range of impressive features. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features and functions of the operator panel:

  • The front panel features a large multi-function display that shows the frequency, mode, and other operating parameters.
  • The power button is located on the left side of the display, followed by the mode button. The mode button allows you to choose between different operating modes such as am, fm, and ssb.
  • The microphone connector is located on the right side of the display. The icom 7000 also features a built-in speaker.
  • The keypad on the front panel is used to enter frequencies and other operating parameters. It features a backlit display, which makes it easy to use in low light conditions.
  • The function button, located on the bottom left of the keypad, allows you to access a range of advanced functions such as filter selection, agc settings, and dsp settings.

Best Practices For Operating The Icom 7000

The icom 7000 is a highly versatile radio that offers a range of advanced features. To make the most of this radio, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Keep the radio’s operating manual handy. The manual provides detailed instructions for operating the radio and troubleshooting common problems.
  • When operating the icom 7000, try to use the lowest power setting possible. This can help reduce the risk of interference and prolong the life of the radio.
  • Use a high-quality antenna to maximize the performance of the radio. A poorly designed or maintained antenna can lead to poor reception and transmission.
  • Experiment with different operating modes and filters to find the best settings for your particular application. The icom 7000 offers a range of filter widths and modes that can be adjusted to meet your needs.

How To Troubleshoot Common Operational Problems

While the icom 7000 is a reliable radio, it’s not immune to operational problems. Here are some common issues you might encounter and some steps you can take to troubleshoot them:

  • Poor reception: Make sure the antenna is correctly connected and check the antenna cable for damage or corrosion.
  • No transmit audio: Check the microphone connection and audio settings.
  • Display problems: Check the power connection, and if the problem persists, take the radio to a qualified technician.
  • No power: Check the power connections and make sure the power source is working correctly.

The icom 7000 is a powerful and versatile radio that offers a range of advanced features. With the right operating techniques and troubleshooting skills, you can get the most out of this impressive radio.

Frequently Asked Questions On Icom 7000 Review

Is The Icom 7000 Good For Mobile Use?

Yes, the icom 7000 is an excellent choice for mobile operation. It is lightweight, compact and its extensive features allow you to communicate in every possible mode.

Can The Icom 7000 Store Frequencies?

Yes, the icom 7000 has 101 alphanumeric memories that can store frequency, mode, and other settings. You can quickly recall your favorite frequencies without manually entering them every time.

What Is The Output Power Of The Icom 7000?

The icom 7000 radio offers a maximum power output of 100 watts on hf and 6 meters, and 50 watts on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. It is enough power to communicate with other users over a long distance.

Does The Icom 7000 Have Dsp Filtering?

Yes, the icom 7000 has built-in digital signal processing (dsp) that works to reduce noise, interference, and improve the audio quality. The dsp filtering ensures clear, crisp, and intelligible communications.

Can The Icom 7000 Be Used For Digital Modes?

Yes, the icom 7000 is designed for digital modes such as psk31, rtty, and sstv. It has a built-in usb sound interface that allows you to connect a computer and operate digital modes using your favorite software.

Does The Icom 7000 Have An In-Built Antenna Tuner?

Yes, the icom 7000 has a built-in automatic antenna tuner that can tune a wide array of antennas. You can use this tuner to match your antenna with your radio to get the best possible signal.


The icom 7000 is a versatile and reliable transceiver that has received high praise from the amateur radio community. Its compact design and portability make it an excellent choice for field operations, while its powerful features and advanced technology allow for seamless communication over long distances.

Whether you’re a seasoned operator or new to the hobby, the icom 7000 offers an exceptional user experience that is both intuitive and accessible. While no radio is perfect, the icom 7000 is as close as it gets. Overall, this transceiver represents an excellent investment for anyone looking for a high-quality and dependable piece of equipment that can handle both everyday use and more demanding situations.

With its exceptional performance and wide range of features, the icom 7000 is truly a flagship product that sets the standard for modern amateur radio equipment.

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