Icom 2730 Review : The Ultimate Ham Radio Transceiver?

The icom 2730 is a high-quality two-way mobile radio with excellent audio, advanced features, and easy-to-use controls. This robust radio is ideal for those requiring reliable communication on the move, with its dualband capabilities covering vhf and uhf operations, making it a great option for users on the go.

The icom 2730 is a mobile base radio designed for the demanding needs of serious amateur radio enthusiasts. The transceiver’s appearance and features indicate that it is a high-quality product made with attention to detail to meet the needs of even the most demanding radio communication users.

Its dual receiver and large display make it an ideal device for both experienced and novice users who need to monitor different frequencies at the same time, and its built-in bluetooth offers hands-free operation, making it an excellent option for use in vehicles. In this review, we will take a closer look at the icom 2730 and its features to help you determine if it is the right choice for your communication needs.

The Ultimate Ham Radio Transceiver

The icom 2730 is a radio transceiver that has captured the hearts of amateur radio enthusiasts around the world. This device is unique in its own way and is considered the ultimate ham radio transceiver by many. We’ll dive into the detailed analysis of the icom 2730, exploring why it’s considered the ultimate ham radio transceiver and its unique features and capabilities.

Detailed Analysis Of The Icom 2730

The icom 2730 is a dual-band transceiver that covers 144-148 mhz and 430-450 mhz frequency ranges. Here are some of the key features:

  • The high-resolution liquid crystal display (lcd) provides easy-to-read characters even under direct sunlight.
  • Two separate receivers built-in, which allow listening to two different signals simultaneously.
  • Its full duplex operation provides v/v or u/u simultaneous receive capability.
  • Multiple scan functions are available, including vfo/memory channel mode scan, priority scan, and programmed scan.
  • The detachable front panel provides maximum installation flexibility.

Why It Can Be Considered The Ultimate Ham Radio Transceiver

The icom 2730 is a versatile radio that offers several features that make it stand out from other transceivers. Here are some reasons why it can be considered the ultimate ham radio transceiver:

  • The dual-band capability: This radio can operate on two different bands at the same time, which makes it an excellent choice for a ham radio operator looking to communicate on different frequencies without needing multiple radios.
  • The detachable front panel: This feature is ideal for those operators who want to mount the main radio unit in a secure location and still be able to access the controls from a remote location.
  • Full duplex operation: This feature makes it possible to transmit and receive simultaneously on two different frequencies, allowing ham radio operators to communicate easily.

Its Unique Features And Capabilities

Apart from the detailed analysis and ultimate status of the icom 2730, it also includes unique features and capabilities that are worth highlighting:

  • Ut-133 bluetooth unit capability: This feature allows ham radio operators to control the radio using bluetooth enabled devices or hands-free accessories.
  • 50 watts output power: This high power capability enables an operator to reach faraway distance stations even in poor propagation conditions.
  • Weather alert scan: The icom 2730 can monitor the noaa weather channel independently while scanning another frequency to inform the operator of any weather alerts.
  • Cross-band repeat capability: This feature allows the ham radio operator to relay communications from one band to the other.

The icom 2730 is an excellent option for ham radio enthusiasts who want a versatile, reliable, and high-performing radio transceiver. Its unique features, dual-band capability, and full-duplex operation make it an ideal choice for ham operators who want to communicate on different frequencies with the convenience of a single radio.

Technological Benefits Of The Icom 2730

The icom 2730 is a ham radio transceiver that is designed for superior performance and the latest advanced technology.

Examination Of The Advanced Technological Features Of The Icom 2730

This ham radio transceiver offers a range of technological benefits that make it stand out from other transceivers on the market.

  • Dual band capability: The icom 2730 offers dual-band capability, meaning it can operate on two different frequency bands, which makes it incredibly versatile.
  • Large lcd display: The clear and bright lcd display on the icom 2730 offers excellent visibility, allowing for easy reading of important information.
  • 50 watts of power: This radio offers 50 watts of power output, making it perfect for long-range communications and improved reception.
  • Expandable memory: With expandable memory, the icom 2730 can store a significant amount of data, including frequencies and repeater settings, making it easy to use and program.
  • User-friendly interface: The easy-to-use interface on this radio makes it incredibly user-friendly and straightforward, even for beginners.

How It Compares To Other Ham Radio Transceivers On The Market

When compared to other ham radio transceivers on the market, the technological benefits of the icom 2730 make it a clear choice for anyone looking for powerful, versatile, and user-friendly radio equipment.

  • Superior reception range: With its 50 watts of power output and improved reception, the icom 2730 offers superior range compared to other ham radio transceivers on the market.
  • Dual-band capability: Many ham radio transceivers only operate on a single frequency band, making them less versatile and limiting their use. However, the dual-band capability of the icom 2730 means it can operate on two different frequency bands, making it perfect for use in a range of different situations.
  • User-friendly interface: While some ham radios can be difficult to operate, the icom 2730 features an easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for both beginners and more experienced users.

The technological benefits of the icom 2730, including its dual-band capability, large lcd display, 50 watts of power, expandable memory, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality ham radio equipment. With superior range and versatility, the icom 2730 stands out from other radios and is a clear choice for anyone passionate about ham radio communication.



User-Friendly Interface

The icom 2730 review showcases a dual-band fm radio that has been praised for its ease of use and user-friendly interface. This radio has several features that make it stand out among its competitors, particularly for users who are new to the world of ham radios.

In this section, we’ll delve deeper into why the icom 2730 interface is so user-friendly and explore personal experiences of users.

In-Depth Evaluation Of The User Interface

The icom 2730 user interface has several features that make it incredibly easy to navigate. Here are some key points:

  • The radio’s sizeable 2.3 inch lcd screen displays clear and concise information, making it is easy to read even in bright sunlight.
  • The menu settings are straightforward, and the keypad is user-friendly. The buttons are spaced out and tactile, making it easy to operate, even in the dark.
  • The customizable screen settings allow users to tailor the menu layout as per their preference.
  • The user manual is easy to read and understand, with clear directions.

How Icom 2730’S Design Allows For Ease Of Use

The design of icom 2730 has been crafted to make it as user-friendly as possible. Here are some key points:

  • The radio’s compact size makes it easy to transport, install and use.
  • The front-facing speaker makes it easy to hear conversations even in noisy environments.
  • The detachable faceplate can be mounted remotely, allowing for users to manage the radio from a distance.
  • The automatic power-off feature and programmable timer make operating the radio worry-free.

Personal Testimonies And Experiences Of Users

Here are some experiences of icom 2730 users, highlighting their favorite features and why they consider it user-friendly:

  • “i have been using icom 2730 for over a year now. Its intuitive interface is what initially attracted me to it. The customizable menu and sizeable screen make it stand out from other radios in the same price range.”
  • “as someone new to ham radios, i found the icom 2730’s menu settings extremely easy to navigate. The screen is easy to read, and the buttons are well-spaced out. I feel confident operating this radio independently.”
  • “i like that the icom 2730’s detachable faceplate can be mounted anywhere and controlled remotely. It allows me to have the radio in a convenient spot without having to run back and forth to operate it.”
  • “the automatic power-off feature is convenient when i forget to turn off the radio. Also, the programmable timer allows me to set a reminder to avoid missing other scheduled events.”

The icom 2730 is a great option for those looking for a user-friendly, dual-band fm radio. Its simple yet functional design, easy-to-use interface, and favorable customer reviews make it a reliable choice for anyone new to ham radios or even expert users.

Precision And Accuracy

Exploration Of The Precision And Accuracy Of The Icom 2730

The icom 2730 is a ham radio device that is highly regarded for its precise and accurate communication capabilities. Here are some of the key points to explore:

  • The icom 2730 features a high-resolution display that provides excellent visibility of all the essential information, including frequency, mode, and signal strength. This display makes it easy for the user to monitor and adjust their communication settings on the fly.
  • The radio’s dual watch function allows the user to monitor two frequencies simultaneously, switching between them with ease. This feature enhances the radio’s accuracy, as the user can listen to two channels at the same time and quickly respond to any incoming transmissions.
  • The icom 2730 boasts exceptional audio quality, thanks to its front-facing speaker, which delivers clear, distortion-free audio even at high volumes.
  • Compared to less superior ham radio devices, the icom 2730 stands out in terms of its precision and accuracy. This radio’s superior features make it an effective tool for reliable communication, whether during emergencies or regular communication.

Overall, the icom 2730 is a great radio device that provides precise and accurate communication capabilities. Its advanced features make it more accurate and reliable than other ham radios on the market.

Practicality And Portability

Assessing The Practicality Of The Icom 2730 For Common Ham Radio Scenarios

The icom 2730 is a highly practical ham radio that is versatile and widely used in various scenarios. Let’s explore how practical this device is in some common ham radio settings:

  • Home-base operation: The icom 2730 is an ideal choice for home-base operation, thanks to its robustness and flexibility. The device is easy to set up and operate and provides excellent communication range due to its high power output. It also offers various tuning options such as memory and vfo modes, making it easy to customize the communication experience.
  • Mobile operation: The icom 2730 comes with a detachable control head that can be mounted remotely on the dashboard, providing easy accessibility and mobility. It also has an optional bluetooth® headset feature, which makes communication while driving safer and more convenient.
  • Field operation: The icom 2730’s rugged design, long battery life, and various built-in scanning modes make it perfect for field operation. It offers the convenience of being able to operate on either ac or a dc power source, making it easy to use in any location.

How Its Portability Can Enhance Its Usability

The icom 2730’s portability feature enhances its usability in various settings. Here are some scenarios where the device’s portability can be beneficial:

  • Emergency communication: During an emergency, it may be necessary to relocate quickly. The icom 2730’s detachable control head, compact size, and light weight allow for easy and convenient transportation, and can be set up in a new location quickly.
  • Public events: The icom 2730’s portability feature makes it an excellent choice for public events such as disaster relief or public gatherings. Its compact size and detachable control head allow operators to move around easily and communicate with other operators effortlessly.
  • Off-site communication: For users who need to communicate on the go, the icom 2730’s portability feature offers substantial benefits. The device’s compact size, detachable control head, and bluetooth® headset support allow users to communicate freely and conveniently without being tied to a fixed position.

Review Of The Device’S Durability

Durability is an essential factor for any piece of equipment used regularly, especially in tough conditions. The icom 2730 has been designed to withstand all kinds of challenges. Here’s what we found out about this device’s durability during our review:

  • Rugged construction: The radio’s solid construction ensures that it can withstand a beating and perform reliably under adverse conditions.
  • Splash resistant: The device is splash-resistant, which makes it an ideal choice to use in various environments.
  • Longevity: The icom 2730 comes with a three-year warranty, which is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s longevity.

The icom 2730 offers impressive practicality, portability, and durability. Its versatility, along with these features, makes it an all-around ham radio that can be used in a vast array of scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Icom 2730 Review

What Is The Range Of Icom 2730 Radio?

The icom 2730 radio has a range of up to 50 miles and has great reception in urban and rural areas.

Is The Icom 2730 Compatible With Other Radios?

Yes, the icom 2730 is compatible with other radios with the same frequencies, which makes it easier to communicate with other users.

Can I Save My Favorite Channels On The Icom 2730 Radio?

Yes, the icom 2730 has a programmable memory, which allows you to save your favorite channels for easy access in the future.

How Many Channels Does The Icom 2730 Radio Have?

The icom 2730 radio has a total of 1052 programmable memory channels which includes 50 ctcss and 104 dcs.

How Does The Icom 2730 Perform During Emergencies?

The icom 2730 has a built-in emergency alert feature, which alerts other users in the area during emergencies. It is crucial for emergencies in urban and rural areas.

Does The Icom 2730 Come With A Warranty?

Yes, the icom 2730 comes with a one-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. You can also purchase an extended warranty for additional coverage.


The icom 2730 has definitely not disappointed with its features and quality. Its dual-band capability, d-star technology, and easy-to-use interface make this radio a top contender for those looking for a versatile and reliable ham radio. The large and clear display is a significant highlight, allowing easy monitoring even while driving.

The built-in bluetooth capability is another convenient feature that enables hands-free communication while keeping your hands on the wheel. The sound quality is clear and crisp, making communication a breeze. Overall, the icom 2730 is an excellent choice for both seasoned and novice ham radio enthusiasts looking for a powerful and feature-rich radio.

Its durability, ease of use, and quality performance make it well worth the investment. Whether for personal or professional use, the icom 2730 proves to be a top contender in the world of ham radio communication.


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