Icom 737 Review: The Ultimate Guide.

The icom 737 is a reliable and efficient amateur radio transceiver suitable for various applications. This two-decade-old radio model has received numerous positive reviews from users worldwide.

When it comes to amateur radio communication, having a reliable and high-quality transceiver is essential. The icom 737 has been a popular choice for over two decades thanks to its efficient performance and user-friendly design. This radio model is suitable for various applications, including emergency communication, contesting, and field day operations.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced operator, the icom 737 is an excellent choice for excellent communication and reliable operation. In this review, we will examine its features, specifications, and performance, helping you decide whether it is the right option for your needs.

Design And Build Of Icom 737

Overview Of The Physical Appearance Of Icom 737

The icom 737 desktop radio has a magnificent design that stands out among similar products. It has a compact size, measuring 9 inches wide and 3. 5 inches tall, which means it won’t take up a lot of space on your desk.

The lcd screen is not too big or too small, measuring 4. 5 inches diagonally, which works perfectly for displaying necessary information. Additionally, the radio has a beautiful vintage look, which makes it an attractive piece of equipment to add to your collection.

Detailed Examination Of The Components And Controls Of The Radio System

Control Panel

The front panel of the icom 737 has several control buttons and knobs that are clearly labeled, making it easy for users to navigate the system. The radio also has a keypad for entering frequencies directly, which saves you time and makes tuning a breeze.

Display Screen

The display screen on the icom 737 is one of the major highlights of the radio. It has a black background and white digits, which gives it a vintage and elegant look. The screen is very clear and offers a range of information such as frequency, operating mode, power output, and other essential settings.


The icom 737 is designed with a sturdy and robust chassis that can withstand years of use. The case is made of durable steel and has a rugged construction that provides the necessary support for the internal components. The rear of the radio has enough input and output ports for cables as well as a built-in speaker.

Icom 737’S Build Quality And Durability

The icom 737 is built to last and provide a reliable service for its users. The radio’s case is made of high-quality steel, which enhances its durability and strength. The internal components are also crafted from high-grade materials, which guarantees longevity.

Additionally, the radio has passed rigorous testing to meet the iso 9001 quality standard, ensuring that it is of the highest quality possible.

Overall, the icom 737 is a radio system that stands out from competitors due to its impressive design, sturdy chassis, and durability. The controls and display screen are practical and easy to use, while the radio’s compact size is perfect for desktop use.

Investing in the icom 737 is a wise choice for amateur and professional radio enthusiasts who seek a top-of-the-range system that offers reliable and high-quality service.

Features Of Icom 737

The Ultimate Guide To Icom 737’S Features

Icom 737 is one of the most advanced radio communication systems in the market right now. It’s packed with features that enhance user experience and performance, making communication much more efficient. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of the various features that icom 737 offers.

We will also discuss how each feature adds value to the radio communication experience.

Frequency Range

  • The icom 737 has a wide frequency range that covers all the amateur bands from 1.8mhz to 50mhz. This allows users to communicate with a broader range of frequencies.
  • The frequency range also includes the 144mhz band and the 430/440mhz band.
  • Icom 737’s frequency range is a unique feature that sets it apart from other radio communication systems and adds flexibility to the communication experience.

Dsp Technology

  • The icom 737 is equipped with digital signal processing (dsp) technology that filters out noise and interference, resulting in clearer audio output.
  • The dsp technology allows users to adjust the dsp filter level and noise reduction level to achieve the desired audio quality.
  • Dsp technology is one of the most significant features that add value to the radio communication experience.

If Shift

  • The icom 737’s if shift function eliminates interference, enhancing the audibility of signals.
  • The if shift function allows users to move the center frequency of the bandwidth, thereby isolating the signal’s frequency while reducing interference.
  • The if shift function is a unique feature that makes communication more efficient, enabling users to communicate clearly in noisy environments.

Notch Filter

  • The notch filter feature helps eliminate unwanted signals to ensure clearer communication.
  • The notch filter feature cancels out unwanted signals by creating a zero phase signal that’s 180 degrees out of phase with the unwanted signal.
  • The notch filter feature is a valuable tool that enables users to deal with interference effectively.

Noise Blanker

  • The icom 737’s noise blanker feature eliminates pulse and noise interference, resulting in clearer audio output.
  • The noise blanker feature reduces interference by creating a pulse signal that’s 180 degrees out of phase with the incoming pulse.
  • The noise blanker feature is a unique addition that enhances the radio communication experience, making it easier to communicate.

Twin Passband Tuning

  • The icom 737’s twin passband tuning feature enables users to adjust the filter bandwidth, enhancing filter performance.
  • The twin passband tuning feature allows users to adjust the bandwidth of the filter, which helps isolate signals more efficiently while reducing interference.
  • The twin passband tuning feature is a valuable addition to the icom 737, enhancing the communication experience.

Automatic Gain Control (Agc)

  • The icom 737’s automatic gain control (agc) feature automatically adjusts signal gain, making communication clearer.
  • The agc function adjusts the signal level to the appropriate level, helping maintain an even signal level.
  • The agc feature is a valuable tool that enhances the radio communication experience, making communication much more efficient.

Rf Attenuator

  • The icom 737’s rf attenuator feature reduces the radio’s rf reception, avoiding damage to sensitive electronic devices.
  • The rf attenuator feature helps reduce the radio’s sensitivity, which can damage sensitive electronic devices while ensuring improved communication performance.
  • The rf attenuator function is a unique addition that ensures the user’s safety and enhances the radio communication experience.

The icom 737 is a unique radio communication system that comes packed with impressive features that add value to the radio communication experience. The above features are just some of the unique offerings that make the icom 737 stand out from the crowd.

With its wide frequency range, dsp technology, if shift, notch filter, noise blanker, twin passband tuning, automatic gain control, and rf attenuator, the icom 737 is the ultimate radio communication system that ensures high-quality communication.

Performance And Functionality Of Icom 737

Icom 737’S Unmatched Performance In Radio Communication

The icom 737 radio has received numerous positive reviews, and its exceptional performance and functionality have been noted by many experts. Radio enthusiasts are always looking for a reliable and high-performing transceiver, and the icom 737 exceeds their expectations.

Evaluation Of The Radio System’S Overall Performance And Functionality

The icom 737 radio transceiver is well known for its exceptional overall performance and functionality. Here are some key points to explain why:

  • The radio has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate even for those who are not well-versed in radio communication.
  • It has a noise reduction feature that reduces ambient noise around the user, enabling clear communication in noisy places.
  • The radio system comes with an interference rejection system that prevents the radio from picking up unnecessary signals, making it ideal for use in congested areas.
  • The icom 737 radio transceiver also has a built-in digital signal processor (dsp) that enhances the clarity of incoming and outgoing signals.

Emphasis On The Clarity Of Reception And Transmission Under Different Weather Conditions And Operating Environments

The icom 737 radio transceiver stands out when it comes to radio communication in different weather conditions and operating environments. Here are some key points to explain why:

  • The radio has a high signal-to-noise ratio enabling clear communication even in low signal situations.
  • It has a wide frequency range allowing for clear reception of signals in different environments.
  • The radio system comes with a built-in automatic antenna tuner that helps to adjust the radio’s settings for optimal performance in very high or low frequencies.

The above features explain why the icom 737 is a highly preferred radio transceiver. Its unmatched performance and functionality, coupled with ease of use, make it ideal for all radio communication enthusiasts.

User Experience And Customer Support

Exceptional User Experience And Customer Support With Icom 737

The icom 737 is a popular radio among amateur radio operators. Its features are designed to offer users a seamless experience that is both efficient and enjoyable. This section will examine the usability and user experience of the icom 737, as well as its customer support services.

Examination Of The Usability And User Experience Of Icom 737

The user interface of the icom 737 is simple to use, even for beginners. Some of its key features that make it user-friendly include:

  • Large and well-labeled buttons that make it easy to identify functions
  • A clear and bright display that ensures that users can read the information on the screen even in bright sunlight
  • Straightforward menus that are easy to navigate, ensuring quick access to the features users require
  • A comfortable and well-designed keypad that makes it easy to type in frequencies.

In addition, the icom 737 has a sturdy build that not only makes it durable but also ensures that it is easy to transport.

Review Of The Customer Support Offered By Icom Across All Levels

The customer support offered by icom is exceptional. The company has an array of support resources that cater to users’ needs at every level. Some of the support services offered by icom include:

  • An extensive website that contains manuals, software updates, and faqs that provide users with easy-to-follow solutions to common problems
  • Online support tools, including technical support, instructional videos, and podcasts that provide users with step-by-step guidance on using the radio
  • A knowledgeable and friendly customer support team that is always available to answer users’ questions in a timely manner.

Moreover, icom provides users with a warranty covering defects, giving them peace of mind knowing that their radio is protected.

The icom 737 offers radio operators an unrivaled user experience and customer support services. Its intuitive user interface, portable design, and durable build make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experts. And with icom’s exceptional customer support, users can rest assured that they will receive assistance when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions On Icom 737 Review

What Is The Icom 737?

The icom 737 is a high-performance, all-band transceiver used for amateur radio communication. It is specifically designed for the hf bands and is easy to use for both beginners and experienced radio operators.

Can I Use The Icom 737 For International Communication?

Yes, the icom 737 is a powerful transceiver that can be used for international communication. It covers a wide range of hf frequencies, making it ideal for talking to people all over the world. Additionally, it is compatible with various modes of operation, including voice, digital, and cw.

What Is The Power Output Of The Icom 737?

The icom 737 has a maximum power output of 100 watts. This is sufficient for most amateur radio applications and provides a strong and clear signal for communication.

Is The Icom 737 Easy To Use?

Yes, the icom 737 is designed for ease of use, with an intuitive layout and clear operating instructions. It also has built-in features such as memory channels and a noise reduction function to enhance user experience.

Can The Icom 737 Be Used For Emergency Communication?

Yes, the icom 737 is a reliable and versatile transceiver that can be used for emergency communication. It can operate on batteries or external power sources, making it ideal for use in emergency situations where power may be unavailable or unreliable.


After a thorough review of the icom 737, we can confidently say that it is a high-quality radio with a range of impressive features. The radio boasts an easy-to-use interface and provides excellent reception and transmission capabilities. The compact design makes it an ideal choice for portable use while the variety of modulation modes and noise reduction features make it an excellent fit for both amateur and professional use.

The icom 737 has remarkable accuracy and is an excellent product for those who appreciate high precision when communicating. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, it is certainly worth the investment for those who prioritize high-quality performance.

Overall, the icom 737 is a great choice for radio enthusiasts and professionals alike, and we highly recommend it for its impressive features and excellent performance.

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