Icom 718 Review : The Ultimate Ham Radio Transceiver?

The icom 718 is an excellent hf transceiver that performs effectively in the amateur radio bands. This radio is known for its ease of use, affordability, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for beginners or seasoned operators alike.

The icom 718 has become a popular choice for amateur radio operators due to its robustness and user-friendly design. This radio offers a wide range of features such as dsp filtering, digital noise reduction, and a superior receiver. Additionally, the icom 718 is equipped with a backlit lcd display and a variety of tuning modes, including memory mode, which allows users to save up to 99 different frequencies.

Moreover, the icom 718 is built with quality materials and craftsmanship, making it a reliable and durable radio that can withstand harsh operating conditions. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first hf transceiver or a seasoned operator looking for a reliable radio, the icom 718 is an excellent choice.

What Is The Icom 718 Ham Radio Transceiver?

Icom 718 Review: The Ultimate Ham Radio Transceiver?

Are you fascinated by the world of amateur radio, but don’t know where to begin? The icom 718 ham radio transceiver may just be your go-to solution. Let’s dive into the basics of what this incredible device is and what features it has to offer.

Brief Explanation Of What The Icom 718 Is And Its Key Features

The icom 718 is an amateur radio transceiver with outstanding performance capabilities. It has been designed with a superior receiver, and features crisp, clear audio that makes it perfect for communication over long distances. Here are some of the key features that make the icom 718 special:

  • User-friendly interface that enables easy operation
  • Compact design, perfect for mobile communication setups
  • An exceptional receiver, making it viable even in low-band conditions
  • Multiple tuning steps available (1hz, 5hz, 10hz, 100hz)
  • 101 alphanumeric memory channels, which can be categorized into ten memory banks
  • Continuous coverage from 30khz to 29.999mhz

In addition to these exciting features, the icom 718 also has an antenna tuning function that automatically tunes your connected antenna for better communication. This feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your communication and get the best out of your radio.

The icom 718 is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and easy-to-use amateur radio transceiver. Its unmatched audio clarity, multiple tuning steps, wide coverage, and user-friendly interface, make it the ultimate ham radio transceiver for beginners and experts alike.

So, whether you’re a seasoned ham radio operator or a newbie, the icom 718 is an excellent investment.

Product Overview

The icom 718 is a ham radio transceiver that has been around for quite some time. It is still a popular choice for users today due to its impressive features and reliable performance. We will provide an overview of the icom 718, including its features, pros and cons, as well as a comparison to other ham radio transceivers on the market.

Detailed Overview Of The Icom 718’S Features:

The icom 718 has many features that make it a great choice for ham radio enthusiasts. Some of its key features are:

  • 100 watts of output power, providing reliable transmission over long distances.
  • 0.03-29.999999 mhz frequency range, making it suitable for a wide range of operations.
  • Dsp technology, resulting in clear and noise-free audio for both transmission and reception.
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner, allowing for easy tuning and operation.
  • Emergency and noaa weather alert features, providing important safety information during severe weather conditions.
  • Adjustable noise reduction and speech compressor settings, improving voice clarity and making it easier for users to communicate in noisy environments.

Inclusion Of Pros And Cons Of The Product:

As with any product, the icom 718 has its pros and cons. Some of its pros are:

  • Reliable and sturdy build quality, ensuring long-term durability.
  • User-friendly interface and controls, making it easy to operate and customize.
  • Excellent audio quality, making for clear and easy communication.
  • Wide frequency range, allowing for versatility in use.

Some of its cons are:

  • Lack of built-in digital modes, requiring additional hardware for digital communication.
  • No dedicated voice memory keys, making it difficult to quickly switch between modes.
  • Limited connectivity options, with only one rear panel data jack for computer control.

A Comparison To Other Popular Ham Radio Transceivers In The Market:

In comparison to other popular ham radio transceivers in the market, the icom 718 holds up quite well. Some of its key competitors include:

  • Yaesu ft-857d: This transceiver boasts similar features to the icom 718, but with a smaller size and weight. However, it is also more expensive.
  • Kenwood ts-570d: The kenwood ts-570d provides similar power output to the icom 718, but with more advanced features and a higher price point.
  • Alinco dx-sr8t: This transceiver offers many comparable features to the icom 718, but with a lower power output and fewer customization options.

Overall, the icom 718 is a reliable and versatile ham radio transceiver that is well-suited for both beginner and experienced users. Its impressive features, clear audio, and durable build make it a great choice for those looking for a high-quality transceiver at an affordable price point.

User Experience

The icom 718 is a popular choice among ham radio enthusiasts thanks to its quality performance at an affordable price. In this review, we will concentrate on the user experience of this radio, including personal experiences, ease of use, and customer satisfaction.

Let’s dive in!

Personal Experiences Of Users Who Have Used The Icom 718:

  • Many users speak highly of the icom 718’s durability, having used theirs for years with no issues.
  • Some users noted that the band scope and filters are excellent, resulting in clear and interference-free transmissions.
  • A few users mentioned that the buttons and menu system take some time to learn but become more intuitive over time.

A Detailed Review Of How Easy Or Difficult It Is To Use For Beginners Or Advanced Users:

  • The icom 718 is a user-friendly radio, especially for more experienced users. However, beginners may find it slightly more challenging to learn initially.
  • The buttons and menu system are customizable, allowing users to set up their preferred settings.
  • The large, easy-to-read display makes navigating settings and frequencies simple.

Discussion Of Customer Reviews And Satisfaction:

  • Overall, customers are very satisfied with the icom 718’s performance and reliability.
  • Several reviewers praise the radio’s quality construction and strong signal.
  • Some users found the radio’s manual to be a bit difficult to understand but found helpful resources online.

The icom 718 offers an excellent user experience for ham radio enthusiasts of all levels. Its durability, customizable settings, and high-quality performance make it a top choice for many.

Technical Details

A Technical Breakdown Of The Device’S Performance Capabilities

The icom 718 is a popular shortwave radio that offers reliable and powerful performance capabilities. Here’s a quick breakdown of the device’s technical specifications:

  • Frequency coverage: The icom 718 covers frequencies from 0.03 to 29.999 mhz
  • Modes: The device supports various modes, including usb, lsb, cw, rtty and am
  • Power output: The maximum power output for the icom 718 is 100 watts
  • Sensitivity: The receiver has a sensitivity of 0.15 µv (at 10 db s/n)
  • Selectivity: The icom 718 can deliver excellent selectivity thanks to its dsp filtering
  • Stability: The crystal-controlled oscillator and temperature-compensated oscillator help maintain the device’s stability

Additionally, the icom 718’s design incorporates a noise blanker that aids in reducing background noise for clearer communication.

Explanation Of Key Specifications Such As Power Output, Sensitivity, And Stability

The icom 718’s power output is a significant selling point for many shortwave enthusiasts. The device can output up to 100 watts, making it a reliable and efficient option for those who want to communicate over long distances.

Aside from its power output, the icom 718’s sensitivity is another standout feature. The receiver has a sensitivity of 0. 15 µv at 10 db s/n, meaning that it can receive weak signals with ease.

Lastly, the device’s stability is also worth mentioning. The icom 718 has a temperature-compensated oscillator and crystal-controlled oscillator, which help to maintain its stability and erratic behaviors.

Discussion Of The Firmware Updates And How They Have Improved The Device’S Performance

Firmware updates are crucial in improving any device’s performance capability, and the icom 718 is no exception. Here are a few ways that firmware updates have improved the icom 718’s performance:

  • Incremental tuning: Firmware updates have added the ability to tune the device in small frequency increments. This feature allows the user to fine-tune and lock onto the signal with precision ease.
  • Expanded frequency coverage: Firmware updates have further expanded the device’s frequency coverage, allowing for broader reception.
  • Noise reduction: Firmware updates have improved the device’s noise reduction capabilities, allowing for clearer communication quality, even in noisy environments.

The icom 718’s technical details display its consistent and robust performance capabilities. The device’s key specifications such as power output, sensitivity, and stability, coupled with firmware updates, contribute to improved performance and overall better user experience.

Applications And Uses

Overview Of The Intended Uses Of The Icom 718

The icom 718 is an all-in-one amateur radio transceiver designed for easy and reliable communication. It offers a wide range of features that make it suitable for various applications. Here are some of its intended uses:

  • Amateur radio communication
  • Emergency communication
  • Expedition communication
  • Field day and contesting

Discussion Of Its Suitability For Amateur Radio Operators And How It Fits Into The Broader Market

The icom 718 is a popular choice for amateur radio operators due to its simplicity, affordability, and reliable performance. It is a great radio for beginners and experienced operators alike, offering a range of features that can be customized to meet different needs.

Here are some of the reasons why it is suitable for amateur radio operators:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Compact design
  • Wide range of features- dsp filtering, noise reduction, automatic notch filter, and notch function

In addition to amateur radio communication, the icom 718 can be used in the broader market as well. It can be used for:

  • Communications in remote locations such as mountains or deserts
  • Emergency response situations such as disasters and power outages

A Detailed Explanation Of How It Can Be Used In Emergency Situations.

The icom 718 is a reliable radio that can be used in emergency situations to provide communication when other systems fail. Here are some ways in which it can be used:

  • During a natural disaster, the icom 718 can provide communication with emergency services and other first responders. It can be used to relay critical information and updates.
  • In the event of a power outage, the icom 718 can be used to communicate with neighbors or local authorities.
  • While on expedition or in remote areas, it can provide reliable communication to keep operations running safely.

The icom 718 is a versatile radio that is suitable for various uses, including amateur radio communication, expedition communication, and emergency communication. Its ease of use, compact design, and reliable performance make it a popular choice for amateur radio operators, as well as those who require communication during emergencies or in remote locations.

Frequently Asked Questions On Icom 718 Review

What Is The Icom 718?

The icom 718 is a high-quality, compact hf amateur radio transceiver. It is an ideal radio for both beginners and experienced operators, offering excellent performance and reliability.

What Frequency Range Does The Icom 718 Cover?

The icom 718 covers a frequency range of 0. 030-29. 999 mhz, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

What Are Some Key Features Of The Icom 718?

Key features of the icom 718 include dsp filtering, adjustable noise reduction, rf gain control, and a multi-function lcd display. It also has a built-in automatic antenna tuner.

How Does The Icom 718 Perform On The Air?

The icom 718 has excellent performance on the air, with a high sensitivity receiver and clean, powerful transmitter. Its built-in dsp filtering helps to reduce interference and improve audio quality.

Is The Icom 718 Suitable For Portable Use?

Yes, the icom 718 is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for portable use. It can be powered by a 12v dc power source, making it perfect for field operations.

What Is The Price Range Of The Icom 718?

The price of the icom 718 varies depending on the seller and any additional accessories that may be included. Typically, it falls in the range of $600-$800.


Overall, the icom 718 is a reliable and efficient transceiver that can cater to diverse radio communication needs. Its array of features and superior performance make it a popular choice among ham radio enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you are a seasoned operator or just starting, the icom 718 is sure to meet your requirements with its powerful performance and excellent stability.

With its user-friendly interface and durability, the icom 718 is a smart investment for amateur radio operators, emergency responders, and those who need a dependable communication tool. With its ease of use, mobility, and functionality, the icom 718 is an excellent choice for a transceiver that can keep you connected with the world, even in the most remote places.

Check out the icom 718 today and experience its seamless performance yourself!

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