Icom 706 Mk2 Review: The Ultimate Ham Radio Rig?

The icom 706 mk2 is a great portable and versatile all-in-one radio. It’s ideal for those who want a powerful and reliable radio with multiple features.

If you’re looking for a compact radio that’s easy to take on the go and has lots of features, the icom 706 mk2 might be the solution you’re looking for. This radio is portable and versatile, featuring several capabilities all in one unit.

In this review, we’ll go through the core features that make this radio such a valuable tool for hams. From hf to vhf frequencies, the icom 706 mk2 is packed with multiple modes like ssb, fm, am, cw, and a built-in atu. Additionally, it’s easy to use and has a simple menu system. Let’s dive into the many great features of this excellent radio.

Design And Build

The icom 706 mk2 is a popular ham radio among amateurs. The rig’s design and build are among the primary factors that make it an excellent choice for outdoor and mobile operations. This section delves into the radio’s overall design, front panel layout, display and keypad, size, and weight.

Overall Design Of The Icom 706 Mk2

The icom 706 mk2 has a compact and portable design, making it ideal for mobile operations. The radio’s durable metal frame gives it a robust and sturdy feel, able to withstand rugged environments. The radio’s ergonomic design allows for easy one-hand operation, which is critical for mobile operations.

Layout Of The Front Panel

The icom 706 mk2 features a user-friendly front panel layout. The radio’s knobs and buttons are well-spaced, making it easy for operators to navigate the controls. The front panel layout is intuitive, with the most critical functions placed at the operator’s fingertips.

The front panel’s backlight allows for easy operation in low-light conditions.

Display And Keypad

The icom 706 mk2 has a clear and easy-to-read display. The radio’s blue backlit lcd displays important information such as frequency, mode, and power. The keypad is also well-designed, with backlighting for ease of use in low-light conditions. The keypad features a direct frequency entry button, which allows for easy frequency selection.

Size And Weight Of The Rig

The icom 706 mk2 has a small and lightweight design. The radio weighs in at only 5. 9 pounds, making it easily portable for field operations. The radio’s compact size also makes it easy to install in mobile setups, saving valuable space.

Despite its small size, the icom 706 mk2 packs a powerful punch, with an output power of up to 100 watts.

Overall, the icom 706 mk2’s design and build make it an excellent choice for amateur radio enthusiasts looking for a portable and durable rig. Its intuitive front panel layout and clear display make it easy to operate, while its compact design and lightweight construction make it an ideal choice for outdoor and mobile operations.


Frequency Coverage And Modes

The icom 706 mk2 is a flexible and versatile radio that covers a broad range of frequencies, including hf, vhf, and uhf bands. This feature makes it perfect for ham radio enthusiasts who want to communicate over long distances using different modes such as cw, ssb, am, fm, and digital modes.

Additionally, you can use the radio for satellite communication as it offers full-doppler tuning.

  • The icom 706 mk2 covers the hf, vhf, and uhf bands, making it a versatile radio.
  • The radio supports different modes such as cw, ssb, am, fm, and digital modes.
  • The full-doppler tuning feature makes it perfect for satellite communication.

Power Output And Supply

The icom 706 mk2 comes with a built-in power supply that allows for a maximum continuous output of 100 watts with an external 13. 8 v dc power source. This feature makes it a powerful radio that you can rely on when communicating over long distances.

  • The radio has a built-in power supply that supports a maximum continuous output of 100 watts.
  • It also supports an external 13.8 v dc power source.

Noise Reduction And Filtering

The radio comes with noise reduction and filtering features that provide crystal-clear audio, even in noisy environments. The selectable noise blanker (nb) feature reduces pulse-type noise, while the noise reduction (nr) feature minimizes background noise. Additionally, the radio has a notch filter (nf) feature that reduces unwanted signals.

  • The radio has noise reduction (nr) and selectable noise blanker (nb) features that minimize background noise.
  • The notch filter (nf) feature reduces unwanted signals.

Dsp Features

The icom 706 mk2 comes with advanced digital signal processing (dsp) features that make it an exceptional radio. The dsp unit provides various features, including noise reduction, automatic notch filter, and digital voice recorder. Moreover, the radio has optional dsp filters that cater to different modes and frequencies.

  • The dsp unit provides several features such as noise reduction, automatic notch filter, and digital voice recorder.
  • The radio has optional dsp filters that cater to different modes and frequencies.


The icom 706 mk2 is a highly regarded transceiver that is popular among amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike. One of the main aspects that make the 706 mk2 stand out is its exceptional performance. Here are the key features that contribute to the radio’s impressive performance:

Receiver Sensitivity And Selectivity

The 706 mk2 is equipped with a highly sensitive and selective receiver that helps users to pick up even the weakest signals. The radio’s dsp filtering capability allows operators to reduce noise and interference effectively, resulting in clear and precise audio quality.

Additionally, the noise blanker feature helps to suppress ignition and other types of pulse noise.

Transmitter Power And Modulation

The icom 706 mk2 offers a maximum transmitting power of 100 watts, which is more than sufficient for most applications. The radio’s robust modulation system allows for accurate and reliable transmission of audio signals. The built-in speech processor also helps to enhance microphone audio quality, making it ideal for voice-based communication.

Antenna Tuner And Swr Meter

The 706 mk2 comes equipped with a built-in automatic antenna tuner that allows for quick and easy tuning. The tuner works seamlessly with a variety of antennas, making antenna selection less of a hassle. The radio also features an swr meter that monitors the standing wave ratio of the antenna system, ensuring optimum conditions for transmission.

Audio Quality And Speaker Performance

The icom 706 mk2 delivers exceptional audio quality, thanks to its advanced dsp filtering and modulation capabilities. The radio’s built-in speaker is also remarkably clear and capable of producing loud audio, making it ideal for use in noisy environments. In addition, the radio features a dual-watch function that allows operator to monitor two frequencies simultaneously without missing any important communications.

The icom 706 mk2 is a high-performance transceiver that offers exceptional sensitivity, selectivity, power, and audio quality. Its advanced features and capabilities make it an excellent choice for amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

User Experience

The icom 706 mk2 is a popular choice for amateur radio enthusiasts, due to its excellent user experience. This radio strikes a balance between ease-of-use and in-depth functionality, making it perfect for both newcomers and experienced users alike. In this section, we’ll explore the user experience of this radio in more detail, covering four key areas: ease of use and learning curve, navigation and menu system, memory programming and management, and portability and adaptability.

Ease Of Use And Learning Curve

The icom 706 mk2 is designed for ease-of-use, as the user interface is intuitive and straightforward. The learning curve is reasonable too, so even those new to amateur radio should have no trouble getting started. Some of the standout features include:

  • Simple control panel layout with dedicated buttons for each function, making it easy to access frequently-used functions.
  • Intuitive menu system that’s easy to navigate and configure.
  • Backlit lcd display, making it easy to read in all lighting conditions.
  • Adjustable microphone gain and speech compression, allowing operators to tailor their audio output to their liking.

Navigation And Menu System

Navigation and menu systems play a significant role in the user experience of any radio, and the icom 706 mk2 excels in this regard. The menu system is well organized and intuitive, with logical groupings for different functions. Other notable features include:

  • Large rotary encoder knob, allowing users to scroll through menu options quickly.
  • Dedicated buttons for frequently-used functions, like frequency selection and band switching.
  • Ability to customize the display and menu functions to suit personal preferences.
  • Support for direct frequency entry, eliminating the need to navigate menus altogether.

Memory Programming And Management

Memory programming and management is an essential feature for any radio user, and the icom 706 mk2 handles this task with ease. Memory channels can be quickly programmed and stored, with support for multiple banks and scan groups. Other memory-related features include:

  • Band stacking registers, allowing for rapid frequency changes when operating split.
  • Option to label memories with alphanumeric characters, making it easy to identify saved frequencies.
  • Capability to program memory channels with mode, filter, and other settings, allowing for quick recall of preconfigured settings.

Portability And Adaptability

The icom 706 mk2 is a highly portable radio, weighing just 2. 9 kg and featuring a compact design. This makes it perfect for field work and mobile operation, as it can be easily packed away and transported. Other features that enhance portability and adaptability include:

  • 12 v dc operation, allowing it to be powered from a car battery or other external power source.
  • Ability to switch between different antennas and power settings, allowing it to be used in a variety of different settings.
  • Optional remote control head, allowing users to mount the control panel separately from the main unit.

Overall, the icom 706 mk2 offers an excellent user experience, with a range of features that cater to both newcomers and experienced users alike. Its ease-of-use, intuitive menu system, advanced memory programming and management capabilities, and excellent portability and adaptability make it a standout choice for amateur radio enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions On Icom 706 Mk2 Review

What Are The Features Of The Icom 706 Mk2 Transceiver?

The icom 706 mk2 transceiver is a compact rig with a detachable front panel. It has a large lcd screen, all-mode coverage for transmit and receive, and dsp filtering. Other key features include a built-in automatic antenna tuner, high-stability oscillator, and a noise blanker.

Is The Icom 706 Mk2 Suitable For Portable Operations?

Yes, the icom 706 mk2 is an ideal transceiver for portable operations. Its compact size, detachable front panel, and easy-to-use controls make it the perfect rig for dxpeditions, hiking, and camping. With its low current draw and built-in battery saver, the icom 706 mk2 can operate for hours on end on a single battery charge.

Can The Icom 706 Mk2 Be Used For Digital Modes?

Yes, the icom 706 mk2 supports a wide range of digital modes, including rtty, psk31, and sstv. Its built-in dsp filtering and digital noise reduction make it an excellent choice for digital mode operations, while its compact size and low current draw make it ideal for portable use.

How Does The Icom 706 Mk2 Perform On Hf Bands?

The icom 706 mk2 is a high-performance transceiver that provides exceptional performance on hf bands. Its all-mode coverage, built-in antenna tuner, and dsp filtering make it a versatile rig for both voice and digital mode operations. With its high-stability oscillator and low noise floor, the icom 706 mk2 is capable of pulling weak signals out of the noise on hf bands.

What Is The Price Of The Icom 706 Mk2 Transceiver?

Pricing for the icom 706 mk2 transceiver varies depending on the condition and age of the unit. However, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1000 for a second-hand unit in good condition. Prices may vary depending on the seller, so be sure to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase.


After thoroughly examining the icom 706 mk2, it is clear that this radio is a reliable and versatile option for amateur radio enthusiasts. With its compact design and ability to operate on various bands, this radio can be taken on the go for outdoor and portable operations.

Additionally, the intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it easy for even beginners to use. The radio’s power and voice clarity are impressive, surpassing many other radios on the market. It’s a great radio to have if you’re looking to participate in emergency communication events or just enjoy chatting with other amateur radio operators.

Furthermore, the radio’s durability and longevity ensure that it will continue to be a valuable asset for years to come. Overall, the icom 706 mk2 is a solid investment for any ham radio operator in need of a reliable and efficient radio.

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