Icom 208H Review: The Ultimate Ham Radio Transceiver?

The icom 208h review: a versatile mobile transceiver with dual band capabilities. The icom 208h is a reliable and durable mobile ham radio that offers a plethora of features and capabilities.

With its dual-band operation, it allows you to transmit and receive on both vhf and uhf frequencies, making it perfect for a variety of communication needs. The radio boasts 50 watts of power, which provides excellent coverage and range. The user-friendly interface and large, easy-to-read display make it simple to operate and navigate through its various functions.

Its compact size and rugged construction make it ideal for both mobile and base station applications. Whether you’re a seasoned ham radio operator or just starting, the icom 208h is a great investment in reliable and efficient communication.

Icom 208H Review: Design And Features

The Compact And Rugged Design

The icom 208h has a compact and rugged design that makes it the ideal mobile radio for outdoor activities. Here are some key features of its design that make it stand out:

  • The radio’s front panel is detachable from the main unit, allowing for easy installation and placement within your vehicle.
  • Its small size, measuring only 5.5 x 1.6 x 6.6 inches, makes it easy to carry around and store.
  • It has a durable aluminum die-cast chassis that helps to protect it from damage due to knocks and bumps.
  • The large display screen allows for easy visibility of the settings and functions.
  • The buttons on the front of the radio are backlit, making it easy to use in low light conditions.

The Radio’S Power Output, Frequency Range And Capacity

The icom 208h has an impressive power output and frequency range, making it perfect for both amateur and professional radios. Here are some of the key points to note:

  • The radio has a power output of up to 55 watts, which is powerful enough to reach long distances and ensure clear communications.
  • The frequency range of the radio is between 144-148mhz and 440-450mhz, allowing for flexibility to communicate on different frequencies.
  • The radio has the capacity to store up to 207 memory channels, making it easy to switch between different channels and frequencies.
  • It also has multiple scanning modes, including vfo mode and select memory scanning mode, providing flexibility in communication.

The Easy-To-Use Interface

The icom 208h is designed with an easy-to-use interface that makes it less complicated for individuals to operate the radio. Here are some of the main points that describe the radio’s interface:

  • The menus are easy to navigate, with intuitive symbols and descriptions that make it easy for new users to understand how to use the radio.
  • The radio’s detachable faceplate makes it easy to configure and program, even if it is out of reach or hard to read.
  • The speaker microphone included with the radio makes it easier to communicate on the go, with easy access to settings and controls without having to remove the radio from its unit.

The Durability And Reliability Of The Icom 208H

Finally, the durability and reliability of the icom 208h is what sets it apart from other mobile radios on the market. Here are some of the main points to note:

  • The radio’s aluminum die-cast chassis makes it able to withstand harsh weather conditions and rugged terrains, improving durability.
  • The radio has a built-in cooling fan that helps to prevent overheating and prolongs its life span.
  • It is built with icom’s reputed quality assurance and reliability, ensuring that the radio will last for years to come.
  • It is water-resistant and can withstand normal splashes and drops, improving its performance in difficult situations.

Icom 208H Review: Performance And Functionality

The icom 208h is a reliable ham radio which is known for its simplicity of use, ample power, compact size, and host of other features. If you’re in the market for a two-way radio, read on to find out more about the icom 208h’s performance and functionality.

The Reception And Transmission Capabilities Of The Icom 208H

When it comes to reception and transmission, the icom 208h performs admirably well. Here are some key points about its capabilities:

  • It has a frequency range of 144 – 148mhz and 430 – 450mhz, which enables it to pick up signals from a wide variety of sources.
  • It has a maximum output power of 55 watts which means that it can transmit signals over long distances without breaking up.
  • Its squelch feature ensures that only wanted signals are transmitted.
  • It can be used as a cross-band repeater which means that like-minded users can link multiple radios together to increase their range.

The Noise Reduction And Voice Clarity Features

The icom 208h has been designed to ensure that users have the best possible audio experience. Here are some features that help achieve this goal:

  • It has a noise reduction feature that cancels out background noise, making it easier to hear the other person on the other end of the line.
  • Its built-in speaker is clear and easy to understand, which means that there’s no need to use an external speaker.

The Emergency Operation And Monitoring Capabilities

In case of any emergency, the icom 208h has a few features that may come in handy:

  • It has a built-in weather channel which ensures that users are always updated on current weather conditions.
  • It has a priority watch feature which allows it to monitor a chosen channel continuously while still monitoring other channels for other calls.
  • The emergency alert feature sends an alert signal to other users, which can be picked up by all compatible radios within range.

The Compatibility And Connectivity Options

The icom 208h is compatible with other radios and has connectivity options that enable it to be used in a variety of settings. Here are a few highlights:

  • It has a built-in data jack which allows users to connect it to a computer for easy programming.
  • Its detachable faceplate means that it can be mounted in a car or on a desk depending on the user’s preference.
  • It comes with a mobile mounting bracket and a hand microphone which makes it easy to move the icom 208h from one location to another.

The Overall Performance Of The Icom 208H

The icom 208h is a reliable and user-friendly radio which has been designed with a host of features that ensure it performs to the highest levels possible. Here’s a recap of some of its key features:

  • It has a large display which is easy to read, making it easy to program and control the radio.
  • It has a detachable faceplate which makes it easy to change the radio’s position and angle.
  • Its easy-to-use interface ensures that users of any level can navigate it without any issues.
  • Finally, its compact size enables it to fit into any environment, making it perfect for use in homes, offices, and cars.


Icom 208H Review: Comparison With Other Ham Radios

How The Icom 208H Fares Against Other Models In The Market

The icom 208h is a well-known ham radio in the market. However, is it really the best option for you? Below we will compare it with other models in the market and see how it stacks up.

The Similarities And Differences Between The Icom 208H And Other Popular Ham Radios

When comparing ham radios, it’s essential to look at not only their differences but also their similarities. Below we have highlighted some of the key similarities and differences between the icom 208h and other popular ham radios in the market:

  • Similarities:
  • All have a built-in speaker.
  • All have an lcd screen.
  • All have memory channels.
  • All can operate on multiple frequencies.
  • Differences:
  • The icom 208h has a higher power output of 55 watts, while the yaesu ft-857d only has a power output of 20 watts.
  • The kenwood tm-v71a has a detachable control head, while the icom 208h does not.
  • The icom 208h has a detachable faceplate, while the alinco dr-735t does not.

What Makes The Icom 208H Unique Compared To All The Other Options

Although the icom 208h has some similarities and differences with other popular ham radios, it is unique in its own way. Here are some of the features that make the icom 208h stand out:

  • Cross-band repeat capabilities
  • Ability to customize microphone buttons for ease of use
  • Compact design and detachable faceplate
  • Wide frequency coverage including shortwave, vhf, uhf, and marine band frequencies.

Overall, the icom 208h has unique features that set it apart from other ham radios in the market. It has a high power output, detachable faceplate, and cross-band repeat capabilities making it a versatile option for all kinds of ham radio enthusiasts.

Icom 208H Review: Pros And Cons

The icom 208h is a high-performance amateur radio with features that are desired by many radio enthusiasts. However, like any other radios, it also has drawbacks that must be considered before making a purchase. In this section, we will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of using the icom 208h, and how they can impact its usage.

The Advantages Of Using The Icom 208H

The icom 208h has numerous advantages, including:

  • Dual-band: The icom 208h operates on both vhf and uhf frequencies, which allows for more versatility in communication.
  • Robust build: The icom 208h has a rugged, sturdy build that is built to withstand heavy usage and rough handling.
  • High power output: The icom 208h has a 5-watt output, which is a significant feature in a mobile radio.
  • Wide frequency coverage: This radio’s frequency range covers from 136 to 173.9975 mhz and from 400 to 479.9975 mhz, making this radio perfectly suitable for both local and long-distance communication.
  • Versatile operation: The icom 208h has a wide range of features that includes, but not limited to, dual watch, weather alert, echolink compatibility, and access to many memory channels.

The Drawbacks Of The Icom 208H

Although the icom 208h has great features, it also has some drawbacks to consider, including:

  • Price: The icom 208h comes at a higher price compared to other mobile radios in the market. Although the quality of the radio justifies the price tag, it may not fit into everyone’s budget.
  • Complex programming: The programming of the icom 208h can be a bit intimidating to those not familiar with radio programming languages or techniques.
  • Display screen: The small and cluttered display screen can be overwhelming for new users, which can detract from its overall ease of use.

How The Advantages And Drawbacks Of The Icom 208H Can Impact Usage

While the icom 208h has several advantages and drawbacks, it’s essential to determine how they can impact its usage. The pros, such as the dual-band frequency, high power output, and versatile operation, greatly outweigh the drawbacks like the cost and complex programming.

However, the display screen’s size could be considered a slight inconvenience for some users, but it’s not enough to outweigh the benefits of this radio.

Overall, the icom 208h is a high-quality mobile radio with a wide range of features and excellent performance. Still, it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons carefully to determine if it is the right fit for your communication needs.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Icom 208H Review

What Is The Icom 208H Review All About?

The icom 208h review discusses the features and performance of the icom ic-208h mobile radio.

What Are The Key Features Of The Icom Ic-208H Radio?

The icom ic-208h radio features dual band vhf/uhf, 55w output power, cross-band repeater function, and alphanumeric memory channels.

How Does The Icom Ic-208H Perform?

The icom ic-208h radio delivers clear and crisp audio, quick and easy programming, and reliable range. It is a great choice for mobile and base station communication.

Can The Icom Ic-208H Be Used For Emergency Communication?

Yes, the icom ic-208h can be used for emergency communication due to its cross-band repeater function and the ability to program emergency channels into its alphanumeric memory.

Is The Icom Ic-208H Radio User-Friendly?

Yes, the icom ic-208h radio is user-friendly with its straightforward menu system, large and easy-to-read display, and backlit keys for easy operation in low-light conditions.

What Is The Price Of The Icom Ic-208H Radio?

The price of the icom ic-208h radio may vary depending on where you buy it. It is recommended to check multiple retailers to get the best deal.


Overall, the icom 208h is a reliable and handy radio for those who enjoy being on the go. It provides great power and coverage while still being compact and easy to use. The controls are user-friendly and the lcd screen is easy to read even in bright sunlight.

The ability to store up to 200 memory channels and the built-in ctcss and dtcs encoder/decoder make this radio a great choice for amateurs and professionals alike. Additionally, the detachable faceplate and microphone make it easy to install and customize to your liking.

The icom 208h is a well-designed and durable radio that can withstand harsh conditions and frequent use, making it an excellent investment for anyone in need of a reliable and high-quality mobile radio. If you’re in the market for a new radio, the icom 208h is definitely worth considering.


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